Advice to Ensure Herb Growing Success

02 Aug 2018 20:46

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There are lots of great reasons to start an herb garden. Herbs are very easy to grow and they make for great use in your cooking. No matter what kind of space you have, growing your own herbs is very easy. In this article, we are going to look at some of the different factions of herb gardening as well as why it is so popular.

Many herbs are perennials and this can be a big advantage to the first-time herb gardener. Perennials are basically permanent plants and won't have to be replanted from season to season. Many popular herbs, such as oregano, lemon balm, mint, lavender and sage fall into this category. These can be some of your best choices when you first start an herb garden, as there's less maintenance with these plants. Annual herbs are the other choice you have. These herbs don't last for more than one season. You must reseed them again at the beginning of the next season. Some of the favorite annual herbs are dill (for those dill pickles!), summer savory, and for a relaxing tea - chamomile. You can successfully grow both annuals and perennials. Just make a note of which plants fall into which category so you can plant them accordingly.

When hydroponic gardening was introduced, it immediately became a very sought after method of gardening for a lot of people. When you grow hydroponically, you do so without the use of soil. There's less maintenance with this type of gardening, as you don't have to worry about weeding and pests such as insects are less likely to attack your plants. You don't have to be concerned with adverse weather conditions because a hydroponic garden is inside, not outside. The biggest drawback to having a hydroponic garden is that it uses a lot of electricity. The light source for this type of garden is ultraviolet lighting, which can be quite expensive over time. However, the convenience of hydroponic gardening draws a lot of gardeners to this method; therefore you may want to think seriously about it as well.

Aromatic herbs are the herbs that people use for the nice odor. There are perfumes and potpourri that have been made from herbs for eons. Even dried herbs have their own scents that can be used in rooms, closets or other places for their aromas. If you like, you can figure out how essential oils are made and make them yourself. Almost any herbs, including easy to grow ones such as mint, oregano, rosemary and basil can be made into aromatic essential oils. Essential oils can be duel purpose because they not only make your house smell great, but may have the ability to heal your body as well. At the very least, the right scent can change your mood. An herb garden is one of the best choices for anyone who wants a simple and practical type of garden. It can be both fun and useful and it can even save you lots of money. Spices and herbs that you grow yourself always taste better and fresher than the spices and herbs you buy in jars at the store. Try to keep these ideas in mind when you start to grow your own herb garden and soon you will have a great hobby that you can enjoy for the rest of your life!

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