Are Pseudonyms Necessary?

15 Oct 2018 17:02

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While men and women within the Internet Marketing industry love Internet Marketing for the possibilities it provides, it is also painfully obvious that people who do not work in this sector tend to view it through a highly critical eye. IM and even the internet in its entirety are still steeped in rumors and misconceptions. The individuals who work within it understand just how legitimate and fulfilling it will be and, all the while, it poses an important problem: do you want to be judged for this world in your "offline" life?

Lots of people who make money online do so by using a pseudonym. They choose fake names for themselves because they want to keep their IM life separated from the rest they doespecially if they are only working in IM part time. Lots of new and part time online marketers are worried that their friends and employers will find out that they are making money online. Of course, even though you don't care about this kind of thing, it will be an important question: do you need to use a pseudonym for your online work?

Pseudonyms carry with them plenty of benefits. The biggest benefit, obviously, is being able to make an identity separate from your personal life and making it easier to keep the two from running into them. People who perform in particularly strict or strenuous fields or who are surrounded by those who view the Internet as a sketchy place benefit from using a pseudonym because it protects them from judgment.

IMers are also likely to use pseudonyms when they want to sell products in different niches. This is the way they are able to create expert identities in different niches while building credible businesses without their having to worry about seeming like a dabbler. You do not need to be worried about a person saying "but what about the conflicting market that you are also selling in?" because you'll be doing that selling under a different name?

Sadly, however, among the greater reasons that people do IM business under a pseudonym is that they are trying to evade the responsibilities that come with running a business, like paying taxes. If none of the enterprise is done under their legal name, then they believe that they shouldnt have to worry about the money they make being reported to the IRS. It is essential that you really don't fall for this type of faulty logic. Even while you make money under a name that is not your own it is still viewed as income and you will be held responsible for it. Further, the IRS will find youpeople whom try to cheat the system generally get found out.

Whether or not you decide to work with a pseudonym is absolutely up to you. For some people it is simply less complicated to have one name for their daily offline life and another for their online ventures. For other people keeping almost everything under the same name is just easier because it means they have fewer things to remember.

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